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Leaks Repaired

Leaks cost money, create worry, and can cause damage that will cost even more money to fix in the future. When a leak threatens to disrupt your business, damage inventory, or create unsafe conditions for customers and employees, call RG England. RG England’s professional water leak detection service features trained technicians using state of the art sound and radar equipment. We can quickly isolate whether pipes are corroded or have faulty joints. Once we’ve found the leak, we repair existing pipes or replace damaged copper or plastic pipes. We use long-lasting, quality products, all at a price that will work for your business.

Leak Detection

Today’s complex plumbing systems feature lots of hard-to-access areas. Leaks can and do happen in such areas, and it takes high-tech equipment and skilled operators to find the problem. RG England uses the newest leak detection equipment. Technicians are experienced in finding leaks in the most difficult to find places, diagnosing the problem, and proposing a solution. If you find yourself mystified by a leak and are wasting time and energy trying to find it, call RG England and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem.